Unarmed/blade training/practice


There's a reason why I invented this.  Years ago I was sparring with a guy who was tall, strong, fast and an international level Karate competitor for Kubota.
He also had tremendous arm and leg reach.  One of his favorite tricks was a very fast sham front kick followed instantly by a front thrusting kick.  It's amazing how often it would work.
He did it to me and I nearly blacked out from the pain.  I found out later at a medical examination that he had actually damaged my liver a bit.
I thought hard of a way to toughen up that part of my torso along with my solar plexus which isn't that easy since that's why those are such good targets.
I started doing this exercise (just invented it) and found out that it not only exercised my protective abdomen muscles in a very specific way (to take impact), but I found
that it created an almost built-in response to an impact where they would tense in the right way.
It worked and the next time he did it to me and my hands weren't fast enough, it just bounced off.

ick - I have no waist

I think you can tell that I am using as much punch as I can.
I change the impact point around the solar plexus and just under
each side of the rib cage e.g. where the liver is

You can see my fists recoiling

Night Defense/Offense

Impact Weapon Practice

First time ever in a Boxing Ring and completely out-of-shape
The last time I did karate regularly was about 20 yrs ago, but my muscle memory
seemed to still be there.