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A good friend's opinion of where I go by myself to shoot (often at night)

  1. Close drill, Sig P229 .357Sig 125gr FMJ Factory
  2. Strong side only from holster, Sig P229 .357Sig 125gr FMJ Factory
  3. Fend off from different directions
  4. HK Benelli M1 Super 90 00Buck Multiple Targets
  5. Carbine advance and fall back changing positions (100˚ and no sleep) 400yd plates
  6. Carbine, slow practice, mult tgts and 400yd plates
  7. 1000 yds with .416 Barrett Model 99
  8. My adv concealment/low-light pistol course
  9. Carbine, a few years ago and since have evolved
  1. Video of my experiment using a .44mag revolver with Win 250gr PTHP for a three target failure drill at the end of class
  2. Low Light practice with Kahr P380
  3. 500yds tac prec 30-06 and a bad Spotter (fun and funny)
  4. Recoil difference with muzzle brake on my Sako (9.5lb w/ scope) 30-06 precision tac bolt
  5. Aguila SSS .22 Subsonic 60gr at 65 yds (wire in way)
  6. Smith and Wesson Model 13 trigger speed
  7. Three shot failure to stop (Mozambique) drill on three targets with Dan Wesson 44 Mag, 250gr PTHP (big bore Ranger-T)

  1. Fast as I could aimed Glock 27 .357Sig Storm Lake barrel, factory 125gr FMJ (Sept 2012)
  2. Fast Glock 27 .357Sig after transition (2005)
  3. Revolver speed load which I haven't done in a long time!
  4. Carbine move and turn dry fire practice
  5. Creating personal space
  6. Nelson hears a noise in the alley
  7. Carbine movement and change positions 1
  8. more carbine training soon + unarmed

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  1. Impact training using 6 D-cell Maglite
  2. A little impact weapon practice both ASP baton and Maglite
  3. Kukri testing
  4. Fend Off using a low energy flash blank, transition to second pistol and aggression training 061313

Short clip of the impact generated with a 6 D-cell Maglite as an impact weapon.

A little Impact Weapon training (stills below)

(then knife as an afterthought)

I haven't practiced this in months

etc then go for secondary

(That's German for "The Pig the.")

Note to self:  Must not jam muzzle into tissue!