1. Surprise approach from behind when I thought no one was at the range. (habits)

  1. Close drill, Sig P229 .357Sig 125gr FMJ Factory
  2. Using Browning with movement.
  3. Strong side only from holster, Sig P229 .357Sig 125gr FMJ Factory
  4. Fend off from different directions (taught to me by my ex-Regiment friend)
Pistol 2
  1. 1000 yds with .416 Barrett Model 99
  2. 600 yds first CBS and Followup Shot after dialing in from 100 yds (Bughole)
  3. 500yds tac prec 30-06 and a bad Spotter (fun and funny)
  4. Recoil difference with muzzle brake on my Sako (9.5lb w/ scope) 30-06 precision tac bolt


Impact Weapons/Miscellaneous/Just for Fun (still need to fix these links)
  1. Impact training using 6 D-cell Maglite
  2. A little impact weapon practice
  3. Video of my experiment using a .44mag revolver with Win 250gr PTHP for a three target failure drill at the end of class
  4. Revolver speed load which I haven't done in a long time!
  5. Fend Off using a low energy flash blank, transition to second pistol and aggression training 061313