1. Advance and multiple targets with carbine (my technique evolved since then)
  2. Carbine move and turn dry fire practice
  3. HK Benelli M1 Super 90 load for lonely places
  4. Recoil difference with muzzle brake on my Sako (9.5lb w/ scope) 30-06 precision tac bolt
  5. Archery:  Sighting in Broadheads - oops
  6. Low Light practice with Kahr P380
  7. Fast Glock 27 .357Sig after transition (2005)
  8. Car Defense Humor

  1. My squib load to boresight the EOTech
  2. First try with expandable photo monopod
  3. Noises at night and practice maneuvering with gear.
  4. Exercising with the Model 99
  5. 500yds tac prec 30-06 and a bad Spotter
  6. Close drill, Sig P229 .357Sig 125gr
  7. FMJ Factory
  8. My ear protection mistake next to a shooter with a .50 Lilja

  1. HK Benelli M1 Super 90 speed test factory 00Buck
  2. Broadhead tuning at 20 yds
  3. HK Benelli M1 Super 90 00Buck Multiple Targets
  4. Fend off from different directions
  5. Fend off and advance cock to SA practice
  6. Fend off slowed down
  7. 1000 yds with .416 Barrett Model 99
  8. Barrett shot slowed to check for my followthrough
  9. 1000 yd Barrett impact and slow motion

  1. Timed Gurkha Kukri cut while drawing with followup cut.
  2. Barrett 600 yds CBS and Followup - bughole!  (first try at 600 and sighting in from 100)
  3. Smith and Wesson Model 13 trigger speed
  4. Revolver speed load which I haven't done in a long time!
  5. Car defense scenario
  6. Car defense practice 2 (still not satisfied, but it's a start )
  7. Nelson hears a noise in the alley

.416 Barrett plus car alarm

Here's my first drawing from concealment practice


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Simple drawing from holster - it's difficult to feel my body go sideways enough - so more practice is needed :)
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P229 .357 Sig 125gr FMJ factory (slow practice of DA only by dropping the hammer after each shot)

Dan Wesson .44 Mag Winchester 250gr PTHP (a big bore version of Ranger-T)
darn!  I'll have to work on my grip, it loosens after each shot

The Kahr P380

The ammunition I carry in my FNH FiveseveN
(20rnds in mag, 20 in spare)

Nov 29, 2009 video clip, M1 Super 90 fast and transition to Sig P229
Win 12Ga 00Buck, .357 Sig Factory 125gr FMJ

Creating personal space without thinking ("You do what you are trained to do.")
I also had my P229 .357Sig 125Gold Dot and my Kahr P380 on me

Low Light, re-sighting in Hoyt Spectra hunting bow at a heavier weight