1. Carbine move and turn dry fire practice
  2. HK Benelli M1 Super 90 load for lonely places
  3. Recoil difference with muzzle brake on my Sako (9.5lb w/ scope) 30-06 precision tac bolt
  4. Archery:  Sighting in Broadheads - oops
  5. Low Light practice with Kahr P380
  6. Fast Glock 27 .357Sig after transition (2005)
  7. Car Defense Humor

  1. My squib load to boresight the EOTech
  2. First try with expandable photo monopod
  3. Noises at night and practice maneuvering with gear.
  4. Exercising with the Model 99
  5. 500yds tac prec 30-06 and a bad Spotter
  6. Close drill, Sig P229 .357Sig 125gr
  7. FMJ Factory
  8. My ear protection mistake next to a shooter with a .50 Lilja

  1. Broadhead tuning at 20 yds
  2. HK Benelli M1 Super 90 00Buck Multiple Targets
  3. Fend off from different directions
  4. Fend off and advance cock to SA practice
  5. Fend off slowed down
  6. 1000 yds with .416 Barrett Model 99
  7. Barrett shot slowed to check for my followthrough
  8. 1000 yd Barrett impact and slow motion

  1. Barrett .416, 600 yds and car alarm (funny)
  2. Drawing from Concealment
  3. Just Being silly
  4. Simple draw to side stance
  5. DA practice with P229
  6. 1st test with Win 250gr PTHP .44Mag
  7. Kahr P380
  8. The 5.7x28 ammunition I carry in the FNH FiveseveN
  9. Transition practice 11/29/04
  10. Creating personal space
  11. 65-75lb Hunting Bow, pin resight at dusk

  1. Smith and Wesson Model 13 trigger speed
  2. Revolver speed load which I haven't done in a long time!
  3. Car defense scenario
  4. Car defense practice 2 (still not satisfied, but it's a start )
  5. Nelson hears a noise in the alley

Using my own 5.56 Squib load to boresight the AR after moving the EOTech and 3x to install the Magpul MBUS rear peep

First try with my expandable (ASP) photographic monopod

(I need more practice!)

If it's the middle of the night and I'm asleep and Nelson makes a certain kind of low growl and I hear something very suspicious
I will go outside to see what's going on.  I'm just not the one to lock myself in and shiver.  Can't stand "staying inside the wire"

fyi - this is posed to save editing and upload time.  I move much slower, I'm quiet and sit still for a lonng time
(why these are great for self-coaching, a friend caught an error)

More practice

Weight Training using the Model 99 (being silly again)

500 yds with my custom tac precision Sako 30-06 bolt + a bad spotter

I just realized that I missed the last shot (contrary to my movie edits because I was listening to his corrections!)

Close Drill Sig P229 .357 Sig 125gr FMJ factory

I was trying to video the trace of a shooter shooting a bolt .50 Lilja (like an Ackley Improved design)
I was standing at his 5 o'clock directly looking inside his muzzle brake!

I recently found out that I have half the hearing in my right ear.  This happened about 2009 or 2008

I think this shows clearly and honestly how good natured I am.  Every one I know who has had this
experience usually jumps up gets angry and curses a lot :)