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Katheryn S, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor all disciplines and levels
Defensive/Tactical firearms instructor 20+ years
Unarmed 20+ years
Certified Executive Protection Specialist BTI/Secfor

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  • I've been extremely fortunate to have been given superb professional training and now wish to share what has taken a lot of time, money and hundreds of thousands of rounds to learn.
  • I love teaching/training/coaching beginners through advanced shooters and particularly young girls and women in all forms of defense.
  • What I gain is knowing that I have immunized some good people against being a victim and losing the victim look.
  • I have shown many who are completely inexperienced with firearms and are timid that it is a safe and enjoyable pursuit, while still teaching defense effectiveness and safety and responsibility to themselves and others.
  • Shooting for most people a fun, intellectual, calming and sociable activity
  • When in danger, you do what you are trained to do!

Note:  These self-coaching video links (click) are probably more descriptive about my current level of training than words

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Self_Coaching/Training VIDEO CLIPS (click)

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from Peter Franks of Accuratus Ballistics Int'l, Ltd



  • Executive Protection Specialist certified Aug 2011

  • Currently coming up to speed with tac medicine (new TCCC protocols)
  • June 16, 17 completed MossieTactics 2 day adv Pistol Low-Light/Concealment course
  • April 2011 completed MossieTactics  2 day AR/Carbine class
  • Jun 2011 completed Level I  Method 2 day tactical handgun course
  • August 2011 will complete Level I  Method 2 day AR/Carbine class
  • Fall will complete advanced  handgun and carbine courses
  • Fall will complete AK operators Vickers course

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<current level of training>   
Fav Firearms: <Click>
RELOADER:  Dillon 650

Recent Accomplishments:
  • vetted to receive a restricted tac training course (CQB/MRC) as well as possibly a live-tissue TCCC course.
  • being asked by DARK Angel Medical, LLC to work with them :D THANK YOU KERRY AND LYNN - this made my year!!!!

  • Helping a fledgling company with a web page compilation of their Tactical Medical/CLS/First Response skills
  • Being asked by an ex-Special Forces author to help with research on a future book (RVN era TT&P)
  • Finding and being able to incorporate my dad's medical bag into my Adv First Response Medical Kit

  • Inserting a Nasopharangeal Airway on myself!!
  • Upgrading both my tactical defense and medical skills
  • Beginning to master 1000 yd shooting

  • improving and upgrading my sidearm and M4 skills
  • while recovering from back injury, experimenting with 5.56 squib loads
  • 1st time with my 30-06 (7.62x63mm) precision bolt at 1000 m/yds and am doing better than I imagined!

  • EPS certified Aug 2011!  yayy
  • Really proud of my friend Pete!!!  Who has an extraordinary background!!! (e.g. image_click)
  • Trying to put together a AIS simulator class

  • Will complete MossieTactics 2day Level 1 tac handgun this weekend!
  • Operated comfortably, quickly and accurately for first time burst, full-auto M-16 5.56mm, Kriss .45ACP and Thompson .45ACP

  • CBS + followup .416 Barrett 600yd (5-8 mph full-value wind) one hole!!
  • Cold Bore Barrett 600 yds 1/2 MOA (because the windage was only checked at 100)
  • Learning new sidearm technique from an ex-Hereford consultant P.

  • Getting better/faster with DA/SA out of holster with my Sig P229
  • Practiced movement/transition/multiple tgt skills with 16" AR and P229
  • Consistent with Tactical Sako at 650 yds 3"-5" tgts (rocks)

  • Hitting plates consistently at 600 yds with Barrett and SAKO 30-06
  • Completed Basic AR/Carbine with MossieTactics 9,10 Apr 2011
  • just got membership where I can practice 1000 yd shooting

  • Pleased with out of the holster shooting with my Sig Sauer P229 (that 1st shot DA)!!
  • Finally learning to be consistent with a mid-caliber rifle for precision shooting and getting probably 1/4-1/2 MOA at 500 yds consistent with match 30-06 ammunition.

  • Redoubling effort to become consistant at 400-500 yds with my Sako bolt
  • Waiting to take a MossieTactics 2 day Tactical Carbine class <- done!
  • Waiting to tak a MossieTactics Method 2 day Level 1 handgun class

  • calibrated ballistic calculator
  • Working on speed during first DA of my Sig P229, 357 Sig
  • Finished everything which needs to be done on my project tactical precision Sako L61R 30-06 bolt.
  • Sig Sauer performed the Short Reset Trigger (SRT) and overall action work + ramp polish
  • Built a 16" carbine for taking a MossieTactics Method carbine class.


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Dark Angel Medical
Vita Vel Nex

Dark Angel Medical  is a veteran-owned business with a combined total of over 40 years of medical training and work in both the military and civilian healthcare fields, Pre-hospital care, flight medicine and intra-hospital work with concentration in emergency and critical care medicine as well as law enforcement and competitive shooting.

We are very proud to offer the D.A.R.K. (Direct Action Response Kit) which has carefully selected, combat-proven components with a low learning curve enabling almost anyone to be able to deploy and utilize the kit.

We want to give every person who deploys these kits the ability to survive a life-threatening situation without worrying about "what goes where?" and "what does what?". In a time-is-life event you need simplicity.


Lt Col Dave Grossman and Loren Christensen

On Sheep and Sheepdogs or why some of us train and prepare so hard for conflict

Peter Franks

Accuratus Ballistics is a new company based in the United Kingdom bringing together a number of experts in  Firearms, Ballistics, Police and Security Services. As a result we have over 60 years of experience in the field of operations and training to service personal and units through out the world. Accuratus Ballistics International operates on a Global Scale  providing it's services to Bona-Fide Clients worldwide.

London Time



A venture to help warriors in pre and post deployment and an extremely worthy cause!  Please help or make use of this valuable resource!

Secfor International, Llc.

A leading provider and force multiplier of security solutions, tactical training, and specialized services, delivered to our clients in an environment of high standards, integrity, and accountability.

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Bodyguard Training International (BTI)

  Our instructors have a variety of both military and civilian protection experience and training. Our protection training covers all types of clients and situations.  Our executive protection and bodyguard training is recognized throughout the industry. 

The mission of Mossie Tactics LLC is to provide proven real world firearms tactics and training to members of the United States Military, Law Enforcement, and defense minded Citizens.  All training is based on genuine first hand experiences.

The goal of Mossie Tactics LLC is to provide this training so it may be used in the Defense of Human Life.
Buck Mossie bio (click)

Self-Defense Firearms Training
    These classes provide the general public the opportunity to receive the same high quality firearms training as city, county, state and federal agencies.
    Classes emphasize civilian self-defense situations. Self-defense tactics and survival shooting skills are taught.

A firearms/black-rifle store/gunsmith with integrity and great values - Thanks Gayle and Bruce!

Girls Guide to Guns Website  
SPARTAN RIFLES:  "We are gunsmiths and custom rifle builders acutely focused on the needs of practical long distance competitors, law enforcement snipers and skilled hunters."
MarcS - Thanks so much for everything!  True old-world crastmanship coupled with state of the art engineering!

Glockmonger Gunsmithing LLC, AZ

Crafted, effective ammunition for the Fabrique Nationale Herstal P90 Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) and the FiveseveN pistol!


"What makes it possible for normal people to operate sanely, correctly and bravely in frightening and horrible situations?

"Μολών Λαβέ"  
King Leonidas' answer to the Persian envoy's request for surrender at Thermopolae

"When you acquire a target - stop - check/assess - engage"

"You do what you are trained to do"

"Cover!  Cover!  Cover!"

"Ecto gammit?  "...it means 'Never without my permission'"
Fifth Element




from a photo shoot by my agency for submittal to a feature action movie in pre-production

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