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Dave Spaulding

A great article by Dave who I've been following since he worked in Miami.  I have discovered that when good training is combined with reading credible books with an active mind,  imagining what it was like to be in their shoes and visualizing as accurately as I could the physical situation as well (to the point where I've searched for topographical and satellite maps of what was being described) that I've been able to react correctly though not trained to sudden and threatening situations or even simply novel ones.  The very first time I have ever picked up a select fire arm (MP-5, KRISS, Thompson and M-16) I had driven the proper technique through reading that I only fired in controlled bursts and got center hits on multiple targets.  That actually surprised me.  Both reading many documents and articles about Situational Awareness for Executive Protection Personnel as well as staking victims (as well as taking a good course) has boosted my awareness immeasurably.  It's proved useful at least
once recently.

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Ahhh some light material for the independent lady...

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Also received today 081412
I studied the original book both as one planning an abush so that I could understand what to look for as someone trying to avoid one.  It gave me a big head start for the High Risk Protection portion of my Executive Protection Course.
(During the LA Riots, I was in an ambush and reacted correctly though my brain hadn't caught up yet)

This is a fraction of my material which doesn't include documents, files etc.

I forgot this was in my briefcase with all my carbine and tac precision books and notes