An evening trip with my little dog Nelson to a rather isolated place for night training (I left at 1:30am)

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My little Cockapoo-Schnauzer, Nelson and me prepared for unexpected company.

Nelson is not accustomed to the woods and some scent frightened him.  I didn't stay overnight because there are a lot of owls and cougars there (worried for Nelson)

Not obvious in the photo, I am carrying in this photo an AR-15, Sig-Sauer P229 .357Sig, FN Herstal FiveseveN (in left drop holster), a Kahr P380 .380 sub-compact in my left pocket, Benchmade folder in right pocket.  My shotgun an HK Benelli M1 Super 90 and Barrett Model 19 .416Barrett is out of the picture

Getting ready to go out and practice.  The M-4 clone I'm carrying has an EOTech red dot sight, a 3x magnifier which I keep moved out of the way and a Sig-Sauer laser, flashlight/strobe near the front of the handguard.  Very compact and very efficient.

Walking through movement and fire plus multiple targets drill.

Test firing my tiny Kahr which I happen to be extremely accurate with.

The size of the Kahr .380

note:  It used to not be private and a lot of unsolved bad things happened here (20 yrs ago) so I'm extra cautious