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  The following list of DVDs happen to be
in the room in which I am currently sitting and aren't even all I own.

I still need to add my reviews etc.
Titles in this color used Accuratus Ballistics as consultants

Ballet and Performing Arts (DVD)

ballet images (tbd)


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I try to conquer my fears with things like self-defense (armed/unarmed combat training) which is all some people see of me but
this is that which is closest to my heart.

Marcia Haydee and Richard Cragun dance the Balcony Scene from John Cranko's version of "Romeo and Juliet". Filmed for German television in the 1970's. Music by Sergei Prokofiev. Stuttgart Ballet Company.  Even for someone like me who has seen hundereds of ballets, this is stunning, my favorite choreography and moving.  Haydee and Cragun's artistry and technique is unbelieveable!!

Zeferelli's Romeo and Juliet (1968), death scene
(I would have started the clip a little earlier - perhaps I'll be able to do that later)

my little prologue to this movie with Nino Rota's music from Zeferelli's movie :)

Cyrano de Bergerac's death scene
There is no story which is so close to my life and if I was ever lucky in life...I fear that it will be more like Romeo and Juliet
(I should download and re-subtitle it)

"Ma chère, ma chérie, [My dear, my beloved, ]
"Mon trésor..." [my treasure...]

ROXANE, rêveuse [dreaming]
D'une voix... [With a voice..]

"Mon amour..." [My love...]

D'une voix... [With a voice..]
Elle tressaille. [she quivers]
Mais... que je n'entends pas pour la première fois ! [But... this is the first time I've ever heard it read!]
Elle s'approche tout doucement, sans qu'il s'en aperçoive, passe derrière le fauteuil se penche sans bruit, regarde la lettre. - L'ombre augmente. [She comes close slowly, without him noticing, goes behind his chair, and without a sound looks at the letter . - Darkness increases.]

"Mon coeur ne vous quitta jamais une seconde, [my heart never left you even for one second]
"Et je suis et serai jusque dans l'autre monde [and I am and will be in another world]
"Celui qui vous aima sans mesure, celui..." [He who loved you beyond measure, the one...]

Violin: Mayuko Kamio (21 yrs old)
Conductor: Koichiro Harada
Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Meditation from Thais,  Massenet

Vladimir Horowitz plays Ludwig van Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata Movement 1, Adagio

'Titanic' Theme Song
My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion, 1997
(I saw this movie at least five times at the theater and more at home)

Starship Troopers, Dizzy's death
(yes, another starcrossed love from afar)

Bruce Almighty, Grace's Prayer
this one is close to home

Movie Legion, Archangel Michael's explanation to Jeep to why he alone fights for humankind
(a beautiful scene which brought a zombie-like action movie to a different level)


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Movie photos and covers

more images coming (some of these are poster sized)

Ridley Scott's upcoming "Prometheus" (click for link to page)

13 Assassins

The Ninth Gate

Forbidden Planet

I Am Legend

Resident Evil (Extinction) - of course!

The Thing (old style spectrum analyzer)

Walking Dead Season 1 (two DVD set)

Dark Star