The MossieTactics Basic AR/Carbine Class was fantastic and will allow me to take the more advanced classes!  It was the first formal "urban carbine" class I have had.  Incredible instructor.  

The gear I used for the class was a 16" AR, Magpul CTR locking collapsible stock, Omega 7 floating handguard, EOTech EXPS3 red dot and G23FTS 3x magnifier which I kept flipped out of the way for most of the class. Sig Sauer P229 described below and Winchester Factory .357Sig 125 FMJ for transition and sidearm drills.  The drill shown in these videos was a multiple target 50yds (65?) with 3 magazines containing an unknown number of rounds in each but totalling 15 rnds.  This was for surprise emergency speed reload.  One round tgt1, two rounds target 2, three on target 3, four on target 2 and finally five on target 1.  Great exercise.

Four Videos from the MossieTactics Basic AR/Carbine Class

Cindy up for the transition drill

Buck Demonstrating the mag change drill

My turn up

Miscellaneous (non class) Videos

Practicing the transitions I learned at a remote range
 btw, I only put my gear in the car on the privately owned land!  Just saying :)

600yd practice with Precision SAKO 30-06

I had the muzzle brake pointed back in to my little concrete space.  omfg!  It was like being dropped into a dumpster with an M-80!

A better view for the blast and recoil

.416 Barrett 450 gr at 600 yds

My friend P who is an ex-SAS consultant gave me some corrective suggestions which I will try hard to incorporate!  Thanks so much!
p.s. watching it at 480pixels seems to be smoother if you wait for it to load

My self-coaching exercise is a medium fast six shot string starting from hammer down (Double Action first shot) using  .357Sig 125gr Winchester FMJFP.  This round is comparible to the .357 Mag which is probably the most effective defensive sidearm round available except for its uncomfortable recoil in a small frame revolver.  The Sig Sauer P229 using .357 Sig is the pistol issued to the US Secret Service.

My Sig Sauer P229 is a early production run and beautifully crafted out of the box, but I have had it customized to optimize its use in a defensive/tactical role.  Factory Short Reset Trigger (SRT), trigger group refinement and feed ramp polishing as well as the Crimson Trace laser grip makes this a something to depend on.

SAKO L61R, 30-06 (7.62x63), precision tactical rifle, from bipod supported prone, 500 yards, Factory Am Eagle 150gr FMJBT
9.5lbs including scope, Leupold 3.5-14x40 AO Mildot Vari-X III, Douglas Match bbl, floated/bedded, trigger group work, Harris bipod, AR-10 muzzle brake.