Video Light work on heavybag 7/18/11
Video Rope climb and Rappell
Video 0 - Push ups out of shape.  Low rep.
Video 1 - Heavy bag (first time in awhile and I look weak.  I didn't practice blocks since it was just for strikes)
Video 2 -  First try at rope climbing in over 20 years just to see if I could even lift my own weight which is about 20lbs heavier than when I danced and did karate
Video 3 - That evening, a second try at rope to see if I could make it higher

Easy heavy bag work 7/18/11

Taking it easy so I can build the right muscles again

Rope Climb and Abseil 7/15/11

again:  I learned from an experienced climber on a 70ft cliff and can do it really fast no problem!
I guess this is why I could do Pas huh?

More Pushups out-of-shape :o

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about 15 lbs in the pack

Out of shape and out of practice heavy bag work

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Rope climb while out of shape and overweight!
used my Blackhawk Tactical Gloves and they're great! btw I was about 15-20lbs lighter when I last did a rope climb!

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Rope climb second try and more tired
(I haven't done any upper body work in a long time)!

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