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(Girl's Guide to Guns meetup with Natalie) 
Sat. 11 June 2011

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Me trying the KRISS .45ACP Submachine gun - very controllable and FUN
The batteries to my camera died as soon as I went hot :(
Note: trigger squeeze.  I asked to dry fire to feel the trigger first :)

Hamming it up with an EOD guy and an airborne one

An amazing bird, a Belgian Crow.  Found living in a car and adopted.

Got to shoot a flintlock 'Crows Foot' three barrel pistol (all three fire at once) and a Blunderbuss - all fun.  I cleaned up at the Cowboy Table too :)

A long hot day.  This seemed apropos for a pirate
Natalie interviewing the Pirates
"My Bodyguards"

Kriss company reps.

Kriss .45ACP submachine gun with an incredible cyclic rate.  It sounded like a sander going off but extremely controllable!  I loved the Thompson and the M-16 too on burst/full!
My carbine instructor Buck saw me operating the burst/full-auto!  No stress at all haha.  He seemed to like how I did.

Current LAPD Detective supervisor/instructor and ex 13th SOC MEU USMC - Incredible instructor!

HK MP-5 9mm

Vendors' table
I got to try on burst and full-auto the Kriss .45ACP, The Thompson .45ACP Submachine gun and the M-16 - All fun, controllable and the "Tommy Gun" was easier than dad told me!