Gaucho's Boxing Club
Pasadena, California

Many, many thanks Javier! (here's the link to the movie Haywire click)

Me and Javier (El Gaucho) Diez (bio click) - great guy and always welcoming!
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First time in a boxing ring in my life!  Out of shape, walked in cold and nervous pee-less (martial arts 20 yrs ago)

Easy (for Javier) sparring.  Well I was really nervous but old training did come forward to take over!  Again, this was
an exercise to get over some old fears and be able to operate through it.
I'm embarrassed.  This is even taking courage to post! :o  Gloves sure felt strange too!
I sparred with Javier (bio) a great guy and real gentleman!
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Moments and flurries slowed down for self-coaching

I make a great clay pigeon :)

Ron C and Javier sparring

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