Katheryn S, Certified Firearms Instructor

My favorite arms
New Projects:

Favorite Fantasy Rifle:

Barrett Model 99, .416 Barrett (10.5x83 mm)
with Nightforce 5.5-22x50 NP R1 scope, BORS

The trigger has quite a bit of travel but is smooth.

Video of system: Discovery;  Ultimate Sniper Rifle <- good description
Video of system: Futureweapons on this rifle.          <- a little dramatic but fun

With the rifle butt monopod, this system is teaching me a lot about technique which was a happy surprise!

Favorite .30 caliber precision bolt:

Personal 25+yr project and my favorite rifle  - Tactical Precision 30-06/7.62x63 Sako L61R, Douglas Match bbl, floated/bedded, bolt refined, trigger group work, AR-10 two port muzzle brake, Harris 6M bipod, Pod lock, Leupold Vari-X III 4.5-14x40 Mildot AO, Pachmeyer recoil pad, 1/4 MOA @ 500yd consistent.

Still needs the 20MOA elevated rings.

I have been working on learning to refine my technique w/ recoil and hopefully extend my effective range to 1300 yds

(always click for full-sized images)

disclaimer:  The cheek pad is completely my beautiful craftsmanship.  No one else deserves blame for it! :)

Marc at Spartanrifles.com  (a terrific guy and old world style craftsman) does beautiful work and added the AR-10 muzzle brake suggested by Sinister,

Favorite Shotgun: HK Benelli M1 Super 90 with Surefire forend light, pistol grip, extended magazine (muzzle brake not shown).  Maximum rate-of-fire; five shells/sec

HK Benelli M1 Super 90 12ga semiauto, extended magazine, Surefire illuminator
(I have tested and videoed shooting 7 shells at 5shells/sec while keeping all center tgt 5yds)
(with the early HK one can 'ghost load' an extra round)
I love this shotgun although I get funny looks when I take it to a trap range :)

                   trigger finger on safety and ready to expend ordinance!             1oz 3" Foster Slug, 1 @ 15yds, 3 shots @ 25 yds both Offhand

Favorite carbine:

Early production Bushmaster Lower (shown Sig-Sauer STL900 laser/illuminator but usually the X300 is on)
Daniel Defense Omega 7 floating handguard and vertical convert grip, EOTech EXP S3/G23.FTS 3x magnifier,
Magpul CTR stock, extended range flip-up rear peep
my very own M-4 poser and it has been great in my advanced tac AR classes

Many thanks to my courageous cameraman j/k j/k

Colt HBAR A3 Delta Elite
I have a photo somewhere of 3 rounds into 0.5cm at 100
(not shown is my Colt HBAR Match with standard carrying handle peep sights)
The scope and mount are not the best but adequate - Nikon nikon prostaff 3-9x40, B-Square mount

Colt HBAR A3 Target Competition

Sidearms which happened to be in the house when I decided to take the photos:

FN Herstal FiveseveN 5.7x28mm (X300),  FN Browning HP Mk-II 9mm (customized, Bar-Sto barrel),  Sig-Sauer P229 .357Sig/.40SW,  Kahr P380* .380ACP
                                                                                    *recommended by RBoucher

 Pistols not in order of preference (Sig-Sauer P229 and the Browning are my favorite pistols and very impressed with the Kahr)

Early production (6000 Serno) Dan Wesson .44 Mag, ported, 6" barrel w/ full underlug
                                      (I have the other barrels as well)

Favorite sidearms:

Browning Hi-Power Mk-II customized for carry - this handgun fits my hands better than anything else and I've used up two before this in competition.  BarSto match bbl, match trigger group, cylinder/slide hammer, 
Sig Sauer early production P229 .357 Sig, Factory SRT/gen action work, CTC grip

Sig P229 .357 Sig, 125grFMJ Factory

Glock 27, Storm Lake dual port
.357Sig barrel, LaserMax, Vickers extended magazine release

Smith and Wesson Model 13 .357 Mag, best trigger group work I've ever had (image tbd)

First rifles/shotgun:

 5yrs old Benjamin .22 cal pellet rifle and dad's friends' .22 pistols/rifles
6th grade Remington 512X .22lr
6th grade Ted Williams 20Ga pump
7th grade Armalite AR-7, Browning Nomad .22lr semiauto pistol

RELOADER:  Dillon 650


I've been incredibly lucky to have been given superb professional training and now wish to share what has taken a lot of time, money and tens of thousands of rounds to learn.

love teaching/training/coaching beginners through advanced shooters and especially teen girls and women.

What I gain is knowing that I have immunized some good people a little against being a victim.

To show people who are timid around firearms that it is a safe and enjoyable pursuit, while still being a responsibility to others.

Shooting is an intellectual, calming and sociable activity!

500 yd CBS (Cold Bore Shot)** 30-06 168 gr AMax, 2750ft/sec
(the image is linked to the video where I got really frustrated!)

Glock 27 with Storm Lake dual port .357 Sig barrel
(I have emptied the magazine on a 3x5" card at 3yds
 0.29-0.30 sec between shots)

**CBS:  Cold Bore Shot is a first shot without preparation and referring
to the barrel cold (at ambient temperature), usually the first shot
 out of a dry barrel.  It trains confidence in know where the CBS
 will hit and that ones technique is consistent beyond a passage
of time.


Peter Franks

Accuratus Ballistics is a new company based in the United Kingdom bringing together a number of experts in  Firearms, Ballistics, Police and Security Services. As a result we have over 60 years of experience in the field of operations and training to service personal and units through out the world. Accuratus Ballistics International operates on a Global Scale  providing it's services to Bona-Fide Clients worldwide.

(he's a good friend and total gentleman!)

A firearms/black-rifle store/gunsmith with integrity and great values - Thanks Gayle and Bruce!

SPARTAN RIFLES:  "We are gunsmiths and custom rifle builders acutely focused on the needs of practical long distance competitors, law enforcement snipers and skilled hunters."
MarcS - Thanks so much for everything!  True old-world crastmanship coupled with state of the art engineering!

The mission of Mossie Tactics LLC is to provide proven real world firearms tactics and training to members of the United States Military, Law Enforcement, and defense minded Citizens.  All training is based on genuine first hand experiences.

The goal of Mossie Tactics LLC is to provide this training so it may be used in the Defense of Human Life.

Because of my physics/chemistry background I adore great optics!

Updated: Nov 2011