Educational Breadth

California State University at Los Angeles
BS Physics (upper division concentration in nuclear physics), (Minor Chemistry)


Chemistry Coursework and Undergraduate Research

General Chemistry for Chemistry Majors 1 year
Elementary German A,B (requirement for Chemistry Majors)
Quantitative Analysis (Chemistry)
Undergraduate Directed Research (Boron Chemistry 1E-4 Torr (typical) Vacuum)
1 year Organic Chemistry for Chemistry Majors
Organic Chemistry Lab for Chemistry Majors I,II,III

Physics Coursework

General Physics for Physics and Engineering Majors 1 year
Lab Demo Elementary Physics for Physics Majors
Calculus IV of Several Variables
Differential Equations for Engineering and Physics
Intro Algebra and Trigonometry
Analytic Geometry & Calc I, II, III
Digital Computer Programming
Mathematical Methods for Physicists
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics for Physicists
 Electronics for Physicists
Introduction to Theoretical Physics
Electricity and Magnetism for Physicists
Undergraduate Directed Study (Tensor Analysis)
Digital Computer Programming (8080 Assembler)
Topics of Theoretical Physics (Research into Integral Problems)
Nuclear Physics I, II, III
Advanced Physics Lab I
Advanced Physics Lab II
Undergraduate Physics Research (Nuclear and Particle Physics)
Satisfied requirements and licensed to operate 3MeV Van de Graaf Particle Accelerator
Undergraduate Physics Research (3 MeV Van de Graaf Particle Accelerator Operator and research assistant)
Physical Electronics for Physics (including Quantum Aspects of Electronics)
Tutored from my Physics Dept office:  Math, Applied Math, General Physics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Elective courses in support of Majors
Intro Electronics for Technicians I, II, III
Logic and Philosophical Analysis

Coursework towards Biology Minor

1 year Biology for Biology Majors:  Biology of Animals, Plants and Concepts of Biology
Principles of Zoology 152 for Biology Majors
Pharmacology (self-directed)
Bacteriology (self-directed)

Coursework toward Psychology Minor

Human Behavior (Psychology)
Cultural Anthropology
Marriage and the Family (Sociology)

Elementary Physiological Psychology
Statistical Methods for Psychology Majors
Contemporary Psychology
Upper Division Physiological Psychology

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, Graduate Electrical Engineering Dept.

Introduction to Microprocessors for Graduate Electrical Engineering Students
Santa Monica College, Santa Monica

Japanese Language, 2 semesters
DeAnza College, Cupertino

French Language, 5 quarters + 2x Intensive Summer course
DeAnza College Tutorial Center:  Tutor for Elementary French

Adult CPR/First Aid/AED American Red Cross (CPR training accomplished numerous times)
Child CPR