A pictorial version of my professional life
(only (U) Unclassified descriptions and projects)

(More photos, info tbd)
Areas of experience:  Recconnaisance and Surveillance platforms (airborne and space based assets), radar theory and application, laser rangefinding, thermal imaging trackers, nuclear, ballistic missile and satellite orbital mechanics (i.e. 'rocket science'), weapon systems, spacewar scenario studies, missile/satellite tracking, digital signal processing for radar and optical imagery, electronic and optical countermeasures

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My first good job out of school and the beginning of my career in black projects.

When I worked on the Synthetic Aperture Radar MTI mode - this program "did not exist".  The smaller efficient HISAR is now used in UAV e.g. Global Hawk.
We weren't told our level of clearance, it was a 'carve out' program and only
years later, I realized what I had, did and which alphabet soup prime I was working for.
(and I mean by design is to take the equations which represent
Imaging SAR Radar Signals after mixing (IFF) and do a two dimentional Fourier
so you have the correct swath (strip in azimuth you want to look at) and section of swath (i.e. a rectangle at some range from the plane all FFTs) then use the teeny
Doppler shift of anything moving (where everything is moving at the plane's speed)
and highlight them - all in Signal Processor Assembler for a PIPLINED processor!  Ouch.

This is Definitely Plant 42 where I as at the "Skunk Works"

A view from the cockpit of the U-2 at working altitude

Plant 42 - The Skunk Works

My temporary office at Plant 42 (Skunk Works) during enhancement of the U-2
ground station just before Desert Storm

Years later I worked on TR-1 again, this time on the IDPS Ground Station.
We went to Beale AFB while doing an upgrade on an operational
U-2 ground station during the Bosnia war.

The IDPS trailer Ground Station for TR-1 products.

Didn't do much with this - a little.  SYERS is a visible light telescope with
UNBELIEVABLE resolution!

Proj mgr for AGM-65D, IIR (Imaging Infra Red) Maverick missile test bed including assisting field testing of the ability of the seeker to maintain track in simulated battle conditions at Eglin AFB

The Maverick anti-tank missile used very successfully by the A-10 Warthog during Desert Storm and after. 

The version I worked on used a thermal infrared imaging seeker to lock on and 'memorize' the target allowing the A-10/F-16 pilots to be able to maneuver away from threats.  Hugely successful. The videos from missiles streaking towards a target are usually the TV (visible light) Maverick which needed to be constantly steered to the target.  IIR Maverick was fire and forget since the onboard computer memorized the target features and steered itself.

Developped classified aspects of the Joint Services cruise missile

An interesting classified program which was discontinued in one form and continued in another

I eventually was at SAIC for awhile during SDI and did some of my most interesting work

I designed both SCENE and BPSP during Star Wars. 
Note:  BPSP uses two space assets to get

a binocular view of a ballistic missile during powered flight, estimates it's position and velocity at burnout, then propagates the location plus error elipsoid to the horizon of the midcourse sensor which does the same thing to hand over to the target sensors downrange. 

I'm certain that this is what my program BPSP turned into later.  Yayy saving SOF Force Multiplie
DSP(Defense Support Program) refers to the Thermal IR early warning missile launch space assets in geosynchronous orbit

DSP - Defense Support Program
even now used to detect foreign missile launches and in Afghanstan even artillery and big mortars using thermal Infrared and integral to a number of programs I was involved in.

This is how we tested BPSP
Minuteman III beginning it's gravity turn on the way to Kwajalein.

MX - Peacekeeper bus and payload
the test Minuteman had multiple RVs and decoys

Assisted an applied mathematician in RV (Reentry Vehicle) ablation in extreme
environments.  These RVs now are about as accurate as a Javalin!!!

All the VPs and even test/integration people got to go to SPADOC in Cheyenne Mt.
to watch the big test of my program SCENE.  I neither got to go nor was mentioned even in our little company magazine - I was a mushroom.

This is why we needed SCENE.  The Soviets were acceleratig their ASAT program.
Basically armed with two big Claymore mines pointed to the right.

Worked very closely with the great guys at Space Command, Cheyenne Mountain during
Star Wars

Ran simulations of mushroom clouds for a Navy study

Early stuff I did was EOCM for high ECM environments for Roland
using a laser radar.

The Roland Missile

Helped design an Electro Optical laser tracking system for the European
Roland Missile system for use in high ECM (Electronic Countermeasure) environments

Learning to fix the F-14 Fire Control System was my first job out of school.
Was at both Top Gun at Miramar NAS and Grumman in Riverhead, NY for a bit.

Tactical Display of the F-14 AUG-9 system

AWG-9 is the name of the fire-control system.  Amazing
for its time.  Look-down capability and Phoenix was a true fire and forget missile.
It was good enough that the first USN Phalanx anti cruise-missile Vulcan used AWG-9
for its radar.  Later Phalanx became CRAM now used in the sandbox.

Right out of school I was trained to be a circuit board troubleshooter for the F-14 Tomcat
fire control system at Miramar NAS (behind the Top Gun hanger)

Design engineer for a laser rangefinder to be used on the Apache attack helicopter with
the TOW missile system.  The Apache/TOW system became obselete because of the introduction of the Hellfire missile system, but I'm sure the laser range finder is still there.

Helped write TMs for the TOW wire guided antitank missile system

Assisted with writing TMs (Technical Manuals) for the Army for the Dragon Missile System too.

:) Keeping Alzheimer's at bay while not working!