Informal Resumé
for Katheryn Sato

(Contact information upon request)

Note:  Because this is an informal resumé this might be easier on the eyes, a pictorial resume - click

Scientist/Engineer mil/gov't projects in the Defense industry
all but two classified TS/SCI/EBI

  • Reconnaissance and Surveilence
    • Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
    • near-Infrared
    • Thermal Infrared
    • Radar analysis
  • Analysis and design of military Laser rangefinders
  • Designed prototypes for EOCM used by Roland Missile in high radar countermeasure environments.
  • Thermal Imaging
    • Project lead Thermal Imaging Tracker test bench for the IIR Maverick missile AGM-65D
  • Radar
    • F-14 Radar Fire Control System circuit troubleshooter
    • Designed the high resolution MTI mode for the U-2 ASARS-2 Synthetic Aperture Radar
  • Space Defense (Strategc Defense Initiative)
    • Space Assets and orbital analysis using Special and General Perturbations
    • Analysis of US and Soviet ICBM launches
    • Assisted scientists with the development of the equations used by DSP to be used in a new way to refine data received when a Soviet ICBM launches
      • Utilized two space assets during launch and the boost phase, calculated the BEST (Best Estimated State Vector) of the final stage after burnout, then hand-over to mid-phase sensors
    • Performed Image Enhancement for a classified space sensor.
  • Nuclear warheads analysis/simulaton
    • Analyzed erosion of USAF and USN nuclear RV durng both re-entry and possible laydown through mushroom clouds.

20+ yrs of military/gov't scientific/engineering work
BS Physics, minor Chemistry
California State Univ at Los Angeles

Security Clearances
Continuous from 1977-2000:  TS/SCI (Top Secret/Secure Compartmented Information) with SBI/SSBI/EBI Background Investigations.

USN F-14 Tomcat Air-Superiority Fighter

AWG-9/AWM-27 Fire Control System Phoenix Missile
Learned the system at Top Gun at Miramar NAVAIR, San Diego in order to perform troubleshooting
and maintanance on circuit cards for the fire control system as well as Grumman, Riverhead, Long
Island, NY.  Attended cross-cultural training for field work on this program including basic Farsi


Thermal Imaging Anti-Armor Missile.  Lead System Engineer for the
design, implementation and testing of the optical bench to test the Thermal Imaging Seeker head.
Utilized for testing critical functions such as FIR resolution and tracking speed as well as discovering
spoofs and that the pilots of the little birds with the seeker head loved the seeker mounted on the
Az/El gymbal which they panned like a modern FLIR to locate our simulated armor battle (Eglin AFB
range around 0300).

Created, recorded simulated armor battlefield using a cryo cooled somewhat portable Thermal (FIR)
for recording simulated engagements, with surface temperature readouts and enhancement of the
imaging sensor for the IIR Maverick Missile system.  (Meaning running around Florida panhandle
swamps in a bombing test range with a 30-40 lb (old) Thermal IR camera and tank of LN2 while
trying not to step on UXO CBUs!)

(I have a friend who was an A-10 pilot during Desert Storm.  I expressed concern about some of the
tracking problems we experienced during the early testing, but my friend assured me that they worked
to perfection!  Nice to hear.)

(Nice to hear that the TR-2 (U2) project was very successful before and after Desert Storm precisely
mapping the Republican Guard as well as Bosnia despite mountainous terrain.  Also very happy to
hear it was instrumental in locating mass burial sites at the time as well as being use to locate a lost
airplane in CONUS.)

ROLAND/DIVAD Anti Aircraft Armored Vehicle

Designed a scanning Laser Radar to be used when the ECM environment precluded the use of
traditional radar.

TOW Wire Guided Anti Armor Missile, ground, APC and M-60 mounted.

Wrote US Army FM/TMs on operation and maintanence for TRADOC.

Apache Attack Helicoptor Laser Rangefinder for TOW Missile.

Performed Laser Rangefinding analysis and design for a Nd/YAG on-board Laser Radar
Rangefinder.   Purpose:  To allow Pilots to pop up and launch the missile at the maximum wire length
in order to be out of range of enemy fire.

Seawolf SONAR Waterfall Display

Taught German Military Officers and Non-Coms the theory and use of a Siemans
Microwave/Spectrum Analyser Automatic Test Set.

TR-2 (successor to the U-2 Reconnaisance/Surveillance Spyplane).  

Designed 2 dimensional FFTs for the Signal Processor which would create the first
high resolution Synthetic Aperature Radar Imagery (including
Moving Target Detection) for the TR-2.  This was the prototype in 1978 for the very first use of SAR
on the U-2 (TR-2).  NRO and (classified organization) project.   Now used in Global Hawk

Later designed, coded, integrated software for the TRIGS TR-2 operational ground station.

Miscellaneous projects:  USAF Space Defense Command, Cheyenne Mountain, CO

Simulations and analysis of space and ground based assets utilizing Special/General Perturbation Theory (Orbital Mechanics)
Simulations, analysis and detectability of ballistic missiles during launch, boost, midcourse and terminal phases.

Performed calculations, algorithm design, design, and simulation for near earth satellites,
geosynchronous and Soviet Ballistic missiles (nuclear MIRV).  Learned and utilized General and
Special Perturbation Theory for a Prolate Ellipsoid WGS 89 Earth model.  AF Space Defense
Command, Cheyenne Mt.

SCENE, for the USAF Space Defense Command, NORAD Cheyenne Mountain.

Lead and sole engineer/system analysist/software engineer for the creation of a program which could
be 'plugged' into the input of the mountain and create the reality that Soviet ASATs were attacking US
Space Assets.  In order to accomplish this, we utilized the same algorithms (General and Special
Perturbation Theory of Gravity for the WGS 82 world model) used by SPADOC to process/analyze
their sensor inputs.  Features of SCENE was:  To input to a test input in Cheyenne Mountain, simulate
satellites crossing electronic and optical/IR/FIR sensors (land,space), perform tracking and impact
prediction (TIP),  Foreign Missile Launches, reentry prediction of space debris, boosters, satellites
and RVs.  Finally the accurate simulation of a Soviet Launch of a Co-Orbital ASAT launching
and attacking US Space Assets.  The program (120,000 lines of Fortran 90 code 95% written by me
and working closely with ex USAF Space Analysis Officers) was successful and when run in test
mode with a Test Commander sitting in the Command Director's chair inside Cheyenne Mountain – it
appeared to both experienced Space Analysists and the USAF computers (thus the Command
Director) that all events actually occurred.  Naturally, our CINC was pre-informed of the test and all
DEFCON outputs were temporarily disconnected.  Made me think of the old movie, "War Games"
Modeled and studied Launch profiles of Soviet Nuclear Launch vehicles (incl MIRVs) and modeled
launch and (classified) detection US Space and Ground Based Assets.

Modeled classified means of detecting Nuclear buses during mid-course, a particularily difficult place
to see anything.

Analyzed radar (one and two dimensional) radar signatures of incoming SCUD missiles during Desert

Modelling, enhancement of algorithms for Defense Support Program (DSP) early warning space

Performed Analysis of FIR sensors viewed through window on SR-71 travelling at a (hyper-mach)
velocity where skin plasma made the view difficult.

Performed analysis of MX Peacekeeper and Navy Nuclear RVs traveling through mushroom clouds as
a result of Laydown of mutiple RVs during a targeting plan.

BPSP (Boost Phase Stereo Processor)

Analyzed, worked with engineers on the original equations, designed, lead the creation of an
application which would use two existing US Space Assets to use 'binocular' vision (FIR) to detect a
foreign ICBM launch, create a six dimensional state vector (acceleration, velocity and position) plus
the Covariance Matrix (Three dimensional error ellipsoid) by burnout.  Using a Kalman Filter
optimized for specific Soviet launch bases, ballistic missiles and Soviet Missile profiles the program
would propagate the State Vector (warhead bus position) and Error Matrix to a Midcourse Radar site
(including multiple coordinate transformations to local topocentric radar) which would then refine the
data and hand off to the terminal and targeting radar/optical sensors.

Brief work with NSA on a classified SIGINT project.

Analyzed and designed on-board software for the Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile (Cruise

Analyzed/debugged a classified algorithm used within TERCOM guidance if GPS guidance
became unavailable.  Designed self-reliant Radar Site avoidance algorithms.  Project terminated
(extremely poor management unfortunately) yet still classified Secret SCI.

Software Engineering performed communication enhancements for the EUCOM European NATO
Military internet.

Designed User Interface software for an FAA Nexrad Weather Station system

Performed maintainance and upgrade of satellite telemetry software at Loral Space Systems.

Designed and upgraded software for the 70 meter diameter Thermal Vacuum Satellite Testing Facility
at Loral Space Systems.

Senior Scientist (Chemistry, Structural Engineering), Linabond Inc

Assisted chief chemist and chief scientist in the synthesis and optimization of proprietary polyurethane substances for the lining and repair of city underground infrastructure tunnels and pipes

Performed chemical and structural analysis of degraded concrete structures (including taking samples in a 100 yr old stockpen feeding the 1890 Buena Vista Dam)

Wrote documentation and analysis supporting use of product for degraded structures.

Utilized knowledge of microbiology and chemistry in both research and presentations of the desulfovibrio/thiobacillus cycle in sewage environments and defended the use of non-porous (size of H2S molecule) polyurethane coatings on degraded concrete to both structurally support and cease the influx of H2S for thiobacillus to create H2SO4 further degrading the concrete structures.

Studied and purchased chemical and analytic tools (both chemical, physical and structural) for the in-house laboratory.

Self-directed and thorough review of Environmental Organic Chemistry and Microbiology/Bacteriology.

Performing Arts (tbd)

Ballet 20+ years