Buck Mossie Bio


Buck Mossie is a former United States Marine Corps Infantryman (S/F!) who deployed to both Southeast and Southwest Asia with the 13th MEU (click for description), Special Operations Capable (click for MEU Spec Ops concept description.  A bit dry except for people like me).

also: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/usmc/13meu.htm

While in the Corps, Buck was a patrol leader conducting security operations in the triple canopy jungles of the island of Luzon.

With the start of hostilities in the Gulf, his unit conducted several amphibious raid operations along the coasts of Kuwait and Iraq, where they liberated several islands and captured the Iraqi Parachute Regiment. <- pg. 13 on, 60 on etc.

While in the Corps Buck was also tasked as a Rifle Instructor for the Ground Security Defense Forces, Republic of the Philippines.
After his End of Active Service in the Corps, Buck joined a large Metropolitan Law Enforcement Agency in Southern California, where in addition to having worked a variety of field assignments, he has also served as a California Peace Officers Standards and Training (CA P.O.S.T.) Certified Master Firearms Instructor for over a decade.

He is actively involved in both curriculum development and in service training of his Agency's handgun, shotgun, and rifle programs.