Low light practice with my Kahr P380 carried in cargo pocket, multiple targets

First try with my expandable photographic monopod

(need more practice!)

If it's the middle of the night and I'm asleep and Nelson makes a certain kind of low growl and I hear something very suspicious
I will go outside to see what's going on.  I'm just not the one to lock myself in and shiver.  Can't stand "staying inside the wire"

fyi - this is posed to save editing and upload time.  I move much slower, I'm quiet and sit still for a lonng time
(why these are great for self-coaching, a friend caught an error)

More practice

Weight Training using the Model 99

500 yds with my custom tac precision Sako 30-06 bolt + a bad spotter

Close drill, Sig P229 .357Sig 125gr FMJ Factory

HK Benelli M1 Super 90, Win 00Buck, three targets
and I think I can go faster

Fend Off exercise different directions

Fend off and advance with cocking hammer to SA (fac .357Sig P229) in heavy wind

Fend off slowed (I edit and slow the video to see my errors more clearly)

1000 yds with .416 Barrett Model 99

Barrett shot slowed to watch my followthrough

1000 yd .416 Barrett 450gr impact and slow motion

Here's my first drawing from concealment practice


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simple drawing- it's difficult to feel my body go sideways enough - so more practice is needed :)
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P229 .357 Sig 125gr FMJ factory (slow practice of DA only by dropping the hammer after each shot)

Dan Wesson .44 Mag Winchester 250gr PTHP (a big bore version of Ranger-T)
darn!  I'll have to work on my grip, it loosens after each shot

The Kahr P380

The ammunition I carry in my FNH FiveseveN
(20rnds in mag, 20 in spare)