"The Web... the World's Biggest In-flight Magazine... with Too Many Dewar's Profiles"
- J.S. Wright, 1996
Well, here's mine.  It will updated as I think of new things for 2011:
Hey R.G.  "I am not  a Diva!  I'm not! I'm not! waahhh."   :D
D   E   W   A   R   '   S     P   R   O   F   I   L   E

Katheryn S.


Los Angeles, CA


Age is a state of mind :)


My background is physics, applied math, chemistry (and dance).  My entire adult career was devoted to military/government projects:

*educational breadth


Current projects:  for Dark Angel Medical, LLC I've been organizing their TacMed tips and adding my own knowledge when I can and photos: click

I try to face my fears which is why self-defense is important to me, but if anything will describe what I'm like, it's this: (click)

Socializing(socializing2),  Arts supporter,  acting (sample 2),  ballet (20+ yrs), self-defense( Shodan in Gosoku-Ryu karate from Tak Kubota and Ben Otake, some Judo, some Iai-Do, some Shinshin Mugendo) and firearms instructor/competitor/hobbyist (tactical/defensive/precision long range).  Archery (I've competed and bowhunted),  cooking, Eating out (all styles!),

Making dinner and watching a good DVD with someone close.   Not necessarily in that order!  Foreign languages (near-fluency French), Science/Engineering all types (applied math, neurophysiology, pharmacology, electronics, microbiology, RF, etc), advanced first aid,  CLS, reloading, ballistics, (I sometimes enjoy reading math/science in French click), Military History (esp Vietnam and after) - I bond with animals (especially dogs) quickly :)
A work-in-progress, some of the early influences of my current interests (click)


 starting Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Actually the last book I read is too esoteric to mention here.


Underworld Awakening, Columbiana,  Real Steel, Knight and Day, 13 Assassins.
I am looking forward to seeing Hunger Games and Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" (click), a prequel to his first "Alien"
(I love all genres)
click for some of my favorite DVDs

This is kinda a random, incomplete, and stream-of-consciouness list.  My favorite movies span genres from B movie to film classics
The Shawshank Redemption, What Happens in Vegas, The Lake House, Iris, The Notebook,  Bruce Almighty, Tears of the Sun,  Blood Diamond, Angel-A, LA Story, Somewhere in Time, Shakespere in Love, Sense and Sensibility,  Cyrano de Bergerac (Depardieu),  Anything by F. Veber starting with Le Diner des Cons,  Anything advised by Accuratus Ballistics (Heat, Ronin, Replacement Killers etc), Neverending Story, Harry Potter, LOTR, Fifth Element, Blade Runner, Blade Trinity, The Hurt Locker, Blackhawk Down, Shooter, Hamburger Hill, We Were Young Once, Baghdad Hospital (HBO documentary), Aeon Flux, Resident Evil tetralogy, Being There, anything by Tim Burton, Orange County, Dude Where is My Car, Dead Man on Campus, The Bourne franchise, Man on Fire, Manchurian Candidate, Enemy of the State, I Am Legend, ad infinitum ...   (way too many to list here)
ps - one of my interests is guessing which movies have the best technical advisors and have actually made a really good friend that way off in the UK - hey Pete! :D
FAVORITE TV SHOWS: None really.  Food Network, Discovery,  Dance and Singing competitions.  Figure Skating during Winter Olympics.   I mostly enjoy watching DVDs.  <ahem> Military Channel


  • Remembering where my keys were this morning
  • re-learning subtleties of precision pistol and getting more consistent at long range rifle.
  • Pete (click) wrote a wonderful reference for me!! (click)
  • Tested the 1W laser on my AR (click)
  • Built a Class IV 1300 mW 445nm laser in a 6P style case (click)
  • Completed the MossieTactics Carbine 2 Low-Light course (click for cert and group photo)
  • I made my own room lamp using a 1000 lumen LED array
  • Received a Bar-Sto barrel for 9x19mm for my Sig P229
    • Originally .40SW and .357Sig, Now 9x19mm too!
    • old production Sig Sauer P229
      • no rail, CTC grips, factory SRT/trigger group mods
  • vetted to get a restricted tac training course yayy!
  • being asked by DARK Angel Medical, LLC to work with them :D THANK YOU KERRY AND LYNN - this made my year!!!!
  • Finding and being able to incorporate my dad's medical bag into my Adv First Response Medical Kit
  • Inserting a Nasopharangeal Airway on myself!! (click)
  • Upgrading both my tactical defense and medical skills
  • Beginning to master 1000 yd shooting (click)
  • improving and upgrading my sidearm and M4 skills
  • Teaching a young lady about things defensive and tactical
  • Getting Certified in Executive Protection (click)
  • Updating my firearms skills
  • July 2011 - trying to get in-shape again
  • May 2011 - taking ballet again!
  • Took a FCC sample Technicians Radio License exam without studying and got 70% (not passing)!
  • Asked to join a modeling/actor's agency
  • Submitted as an actress/stuntwomen for an action movie in pre-production
  • Being asked if I could be the armourer for an indie.
  • Getting credibility from people who are proven experts and  performers of a field in which I've had a lifelong facination.
  • Gaining more confidence in myself.  Starting to Blossom socially again!!!!!
  • Continuing to review mon pauvre français malgré je l'ai oublié presque tout ce que j"ai appris!
  • Getting out of my shell and finally making new friends here in SoCal .   
  • Making new friends in Hawaii while I worked for a software startup Summer 2007.  A virtual reality engine.
  • Doing some professional acting classes and did extra work down here.  Always wanted to take acting classes but I was intimidated.  Meet tons of great people doing the film Balls of Fury.
Los Gatos, CA <2004
  • Helping train a young figure skater in ballet line and musicality who recently made Nationals.  Having her skating coach see the difference in 3 weeks.  Having her thank me for making it possible.  <sigh blush>
  • Helping my âme-soeur Marcie create, build, nurture a 5000 sqft quality Pilates and Ballet Studio in Los Gatos, CA, something which she could take over and really call it her own. The proudest and happiest times in my life.
  • Semi-professional dancer, Ballet .  Studied Jazz and some Modern.
  • Read both Harry Potter and the Chambre of Secrets and The Universe in a Nutshell, Stephan Hawking in French.
  • Professional scientific/engineering geek stuff in my history...too boring to place here.


Because I enjoy people and want to be remembered as decent and kind when I'm gone.  Someday, it would be nice to be able to professionally use  my background in science and the arts.  To gain the courage to be comfortable in life.  To learn to be kinder  to myself and family.  To keep growing and learning in all of my interests.   Discovering new passions.  To become comfortable and effective in my new life in LA.  I would like to find out if there's actually another soul-mate out there to share my happiness with as it was with M.  I've always found tremendous reward in making others happy. (click)

Spring 2009

Dec 2011


"Leave a trail of good in your path through life." me

"Whenever you look in the mirror don't be so critical, pretend that you're trying to give words of encouragement to your best friend."  Larisa Sklyanskaia, San Francisco Ballet Staff and retired Bolshoi Ballet

"Μολών Λαβέ!"  
King Leonidas' answer to the Persian envoy's request for surrender at Thermopolae

"But, I take no pleasure in the act itself. I do not hunt in order to kill, but kill to have hunted. I hunt because I am a hunter".- Finn Aagard

"Ayo Gurkhali!"  The battle cry of the Nepalese Gurkha

'Let the enemy touch your skin and you cut into his flesh; let him cut into your flesh and you pierce into his bones; let him pierce into your bones and you take his life!' " Araki Matayemon, founder of the Yagyu sword style as quoted in the Hagakure

“ikkiri jûgiri.” Literally, it means “one cut, ten cuts.”

I will Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

"Ecto gammit?  "...it means 'Never without my permission'"
Fifth Element

This is what drives my interest in small unit military history:

"What makes it possible for normal people to operate sanely, correctly and bravely in frightening and horrible situations?"


Loves people.  I'm a sappy romantic.  Eclectic interests.  Fear of speaking before crowds but not of performing in front of an audience.   Fearless while protecting loved ones but timid on dates. Artistic yet analytic.  Thoughtful and observent yet also an airhead.   Pasionate love of friends, arts, people and food.


Caveat:  I don't drink often, I get  migraines!
Cosmopolitans, Classic Margarita, a nice champagne,  Mojitos,
The "Elivs Presley" Chocolate Martini at the (?) bar in Old Town Pasadena!
Note:  I am not much of a drinker.

Yes, I love dogs and Nelson is the best one I've ever had!  Ready for some solo night practice in a really remote place.

Ballet 25+ yrs

Updated Mar 2013